Mulaika is an abstract artist based in Kuala Lumpur who’s work centres around her experiences and reflections on modern day society.

She had her first solo show, A Thousand Days of Change, at Balai Seni Negara in 2019 and at only 15 years old, became the youngest artist in history to hold an exhibition there. The near sold-out show made headlines in the media and was a hot topic in art circles, as many discussed the artist’s talent for capturing raw emotion on canvas and tackling heavy topics at such a young age.

Mulaika is now on the brink of her second solo show, I Know You’re Somewhere So Far, a retrospective on the past few years in a pandemic with a heavy focus on feelings of isolation and disconnect. The show’s enigmatic title, though left mostly up to interpretation, sheds a bittersweet light on the gaps that we all must bridge within our lives, as the distance not only between ourselves and others continues to grow, but between ourselves and the people we used to be.

I Know You’re Somewhere So Far is on exhibit at KEN Gallery TTDI from 9-19 December 2021 from 10am-6pm. For more information, contact 0199320094.